Previous Year Question Important For UGC NET Paper 1

Previous Year Question For UGC NET Paper 1   1  Which of the following is a technique to provide right kind of support in right amount at right time to increase child’s competence. 1. Scaffolding 2 Assistance 3. Accommodation 4. Schema Solution :-   2 Given below are two statements: Statement I: Learner centered approach … Read more

International Solar Alliance Important NET Paper 1

International Solar Alliance The International Solar Alliance (ISA) The goal of ISA is to support to increasing and utilization of solar energy. The ISA has been approved by 50 nations. The ISA’s main office is in Haryana, India. The International Solar Alliance (ISA), an intergovernmental organization based on agreements. The goal of ISA is to … Read more

Reasoning and Aptitude Super For UGC NET Paper 1

UGC NET Mathematical Reasoning and Aptitude Paper 1 | Number series | Letter series | Codes and Relationships. Mathematical reasoning :- Mathematical reasoning is a branch of the Math’s where we can evaluate the reliability of the assertions which are delivered. Mathematical aptitude:- Testing your ability to use numbers and calculations to answer mathematical issues … Read more

Sports And Important Trophy In India And World 2024

Sports and Important Trophy In India And World Cricket ICC World Cup ICC Champions Trophy Asia Cup Wills Trophy Vizzy Trophy Vijay Merchant Trophy Sheesh Mahal Trophy Sahara Cup Rothman’s Trophy Rohinton Baria Trophy Reliance Cup Ranji Trophy Rani Jhansi Trophy Nehru Cup (Jawaharlal Nehru Cup) MRF World Cup Moinuddowla Gold Cup Irani Trophy Ghulam … Read more

International Agreements Important for NET Paper 1

                      International Agreements Montreal Protocol, Rio Summit, Kyoto Protocol, and Paris Agreement Montreal Protocol :- Montreal Protocol, 1987 The majority of individuals believe that Montreal Protocol given significant environmental protection Both industrialized and developing countries are subject to enforceable systematic elimination promises under the Montreal Protocol … Read more

Environmental Protection Act 1986 Super for UGC NET

 Environmental Protection Act 1986 Super for UGC NET National Action Plan on Climate Change:- The NAPCC’s primary organization is made up of eight “National Missions.” Increasing public awareness of climate change, its mitigation and adaptation, reducing energy consumption, and the protection of natural resources are their key goals. The eight missions for Environmental Protection Act … Read more

Natural and Energy Resources For UGC NET Paper 1

Natural Resources and Energy Resources:- Solar, Wind, Soil, Hydro, Geothermal, Biomass, Nuclear and Forests Energy is a natural mechanism’s , its ability to execute an duty. There are many different kinds of energy, including temperatures, mechanical or physical energy, light , electricity, and others.  When fossil fuels produce the energy, during this process carbon dioxide and … Read more

UGC NET Paper 1 Important Previous Year Question

UGC NET Previous Year Question Paper-2023 with Answers Part-2 21. Critics of Freudian theory should get themselves psycho analyzed because opposition to the theory is itself caused by unconscious resistance arising from the Dedipal complex. Which according to Freud distorts one’s thinking. Which logical fallacy is committed in the above argument 1. Appeal to authority … Read more

UGC NET Previous Year Question Important For Paper 1

UGC NET Previous Year Question Paper-2023 with Answers 1. Which of the following statements best describes Brainstorming method of teaching 1. Production of large number of ideas 2. Small step presentation with feedback provided 3. Content delivery in a lucid language 4. Theme based interaction among participants Solution :- 2. Which of the following are … Read more

Environmental Issues Important For UGC NET Paper 1

Environmental Issues Important For UGC NET Paper 1 Environmental Issues we will discuss below like Air pollution, Water pollution, Soil pollution, Noise pollution, Waste etc. Climate Change and its Socio-Economic and Political Dimensions. and Impacts of pollutants on human health. Air pollution :- Air pollution is the emission of pollutants into the atmosphere that are … Read more