Energy And Natural Resources Notes NET Exam Paper 1

Natural And Energy Resources NET Exam Paper 1

Energy And Natural ResourcesNatural and Energy Resources :-

Solar, Wind, Soil,

Hydro, Geothermal, Biomass,

Nuclear and Forests.

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International Agreements Notes for UGC NET Paper 1

International Agreements Notes for UGCNET Paper 1

International Agreements

Montreal Protocol,

Rio Summit,

Kyoto Protocol, and

Paris Agreement

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International Solar Alliance For ugc net Paper 1

International Solar Alliance ugc net Paper 1

The International Solar Alliance (ISA)

The goal of ISA is to support to increasing and utilization of solar energy. The ISA has been approved by 50 nations. The ISA’s main office is in Haryana, India.

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Human And Environment Interaction ugc net paper 1

Human And Their Environment Interaction UGC NET paper 1

Human And Environment Interaction

Anthropogenic activities and their impacts on environment

species are part of the ecosystem and have the most ecological impact. We have divided all aspects of existence on earth, From the earliest to our contemporary.

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Environmental Issues Important For UGC NET Paper 1

Environmental Issues Important For UGC NET Paper 1

Environmental Issues

Environmental Issues we will discuss below like Air pollution, Water pollution, Soil pollution, Noise pollution, Waste etc.


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Millennium and Sustainable Development goals Paper 1

Millennium and Sustainable Development goals Net Paper 1

People Development and Environment :-MDG and SDG

Millennium Development Goal(MDG)

and Sustainable Development goals(SDG).

Millennium development goal :- The 8 Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) are targets that UN Member States have agreed to work towards achieving during a 15-year period (2000–2015)

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