Human And Environment Interaction ugc net paper 1

Human And Their Environment Interaction UGC NET paper 1

Human And Environment Interaction

Anthropogenic activities and their impacts on environment

species are part of the ecosystem and have the most ecological impact. We have divided all aspects of existence on earth, From the earliest to our contemporary.

We always aim to improve the level of living for civilization, However, because we are an essential part of the environment in which we have a significant negative impact on the environment.

Some Activities have harmed the environment for countless years. Since human changes have been made to the planet and the areas around us as the growth of infrastructure, transport, growing urbanization, and other industries.

Reason for changes :- The following facts that have a negative impact on the environment are

1. The increasing Population :- Since the beginning of civilization, we have created an impact on the environment, and experts have been concerned about this, particularly as the global demand for food has been exceeded.

2. Deforestation :- Massive amounts of forest have been removed in order to construct apartments for the growing population, which has negative impact on the environment. deforestation reduced oxygen levels and increase green house gas, risk of soil erosion, and the elimination of wildlife habitats.

3. Water Pollution :- Water pollution describe the presence of too many poisons in water. water that is polluted from large-scale industry, the lack of proper sanitation facilities, other factors. The pollution in the rivers is increased by the direct release of sewage and industrial waste.

4. Air Pollution :- Air pollution is defined as an excessive number of pollutants in the air. Due to the usage of vehicles. We are forced to breathe air that is poisonous and polluted due to harmful gas emissions, which may lead to a variety of illnesses, include lung and heart diseases.

5. Pesticides And Fertilizers :- Food production increases together with a significant increase in population. But in order to support this production, crops with extremely low nutritional contents are grown using hazardous fertilizers, in order to meet the demand for adequate nutrition.

Anthropogenic Activities :-   Anthropogenic Activities are any human activities that include behavior and acts that have an environmental impact, either in a direct or indirect manner. there have been numerous adverse environmental impacts.

The natural resources that society uses include fossil fuels, minerals, timber, agriculture, recreation, and others. Parts of these natural resources are converted into carbon dioxide inside the atmosphere, which produces pollution known as anthropogenic activities.

Some Prominent human activities and how they affect the environment

1 Deforestation

2 Burning of Fossil Fuels

3 Air Pollution

4 Water Pollution

5 Urbanization

6 Mining

7 Agricultural Practices

8 Waste Generation

9 Land Degradation

10 Soil Generation

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