Deductive and Inductive Reasoning UGC NET Paper 1

Logical Reasoning Evaluating and Distinguishing Deductive and Inductive Reasoning

Inductive reasoning :- Specific observation to general observation.Deductive Reasoning

         Deductive reasoning :- General observation to Specific observation.Inductive Reasoning

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Data Interpretation-1 Acquisition and Classification

Data Interpretation :- Sources, acquisition and classification of Data.

Data Interpretation

Data Sources:

The quantitative or qualitative values of a variable can be referred to as data. Data is the plural form of datum, which is Latin for “to give” or “to give something.” Data may take the form of text, pictures, statistics, graphs, or other figures.

Data sources are broadly classified into primary and secondary data.

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Information and Communication Technologies UGCNET 1

Information and Communication Technologies  Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) :- Information and communication technologies (ICTs) which includes all applications and services that allow users to access, retrieve, store, transmit, the information in a digital form. For Example, internet, phones, computers, software, video conferencing, social networking, and other, the importance of ICT initiatives in the agricultural … Read more

Digital Initiatives in Higher Education For UGCNET 1

ICT Digital Initiatives in Higher Education ugc net paper 1

Digital Initiatives in Higher Education

Technology improvements have had an impact on education, just like they have on almost every other element of modern life. The educational landscape is changing, especially in higher education, as a result of the digital revolution.

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Energy And Natural Resources Notes NET Exam Paper 1

Natural And Energy Resources NET Exam Paper 1

Energy And Natural ResourcesNatural and Energy Resources :-

Solar, Wind, Soil,

Hydro, Geothermal, Biomass,

Nuclear and Forests.

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Environmental Protection Act 1986 Super for UGC NET

Environmental Protection Act 1986 for UGC NET

Environmental Protection Act 1986

National Action Plan on Climate Change

The NAPCC’s primary organization is made up of eight “National Missions.” for Environmental Protection.

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International Agreements Notes for UGC NET Paper 1

International Agreements Notes for UGCNET Paper 1

International Agreements

Montreal Protocol,

Rio Summit,

Kyoto Protocol, and

Paris Agreement

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International Solar Alliance For ugc net Paper 1

International Solar Alliance ugc net Paper 1

The International Solar Alliance (ISA)

The goal of ISA is to support to increasing and utilization of solar energy. The ISA has been approved by 50 nations. The ISA’s main office is in Haryana, India.

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Management Syllabus Important For UGC NET Exam 2024

UGC NET Management Syllabus Subject Code:- 17

UGC NET Management Syllabus

Management Syllabus :- 

( including Business Admn. Mgt./ Marketing /  Marketing Mgt./ Industrial Relations and Personnel Mgt./  Personnel Mgt./ Financial Mgt./ Co-operative Management)

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Human And Environment Interaction ugc net paper 1

Human And Their Environment Interaction UGC NET paper 1

Human And Environment Interaction

Anthropogenic activities and their impacts on environment

species are part of the ecosystem and have the most ecological impact. We have divided all aspects of existence on earth, From the earliest to our contemporary.

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