Environmental Issues Important For UGC NET Paper 1

Environmental Issues Important For UGC NET Paper 1 Environmental Issues we will discuss below like Air pollution, Water pollution, Soil pollution, Noise pollution, Waste etc. Climate Change and its Socio-Economic and Political Dimensions. and Impacts of pollutants on human health. Air pollution :- Air pollution is the emission of pollutants into the atmosphere that are … Read more

People Development and Environment UGC NET Paper 1

People Development and Environment For UGC NET Paper 1 People Development and Environment, Millennium Development Goal(MDG) and Sustainable Development goals(SDG). Millennium development goal :- The 8 Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) are targets that UN Member States have agreed to work towards achieving during a 15-year period (2000–2015)  Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger To achieve global … Read more

ICT Digital Initiatives in Higher Education 2023

ICT Digital initiatives in higher education ugc net paper 1 Technology improvements have had an impact on education, just like they have on almost every other element of modern life. The educational landscape is changing, especially in higher education, as a result of the digital revolution. New opportunities for youngsters to be enriched and stimulated … Read more

Information and Communication Technology UGC NET 1

Information and Communication Technology For UGC NET Paper 1 Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) :- Information and communication technologies (ICTs) which includes all applications and services that allow users to access, retrieve, store, transmit, the information in a digital form. For Example, internet, phones, computers, software, video conferencing, social networking, and other, the importance of ICT … Read more

Data Interpretation Important For UGC NET Paper 1

Data Interpretation Important For UGC NET Data Interpretation Sources, acquisition and classification of Data. Data Sources:- The quantitative or qualitative values of a variable can be referred to as data. Data is the plural form of datum, which is Latin for “to give” or “to give something.” Data may take the form of text, pictures, … Read more

Logical Reasoning 2 Important For UGC NET Exam

Logical Reasoning Evaluating and distinguishing deductive and inductive reasoning Inductive reasoning :- Specific observation to general observation. Deductive reasoning :- General observation to Specific observation. Abductive reasoning :- on the basis of personal observation you may find the conclusion. Analogies reasoning :- It is considered fundamental of human thought. compare one argument with others. Indian … Read more

Logical Reasoning | Important Question | UGC NET Paper -1

Logical Reasoning | Important for UGC NET Paper -1 Logical Reasoning :- It evaluates the reader’s capacity to comprehend and solve logically problems and concepts expressed in words is referred to as logical reasoning. Understanding the structure of arguments :- structure of categorical propositions :- In logical reasoning, an argument or statements is categorical if … Read more

Averages Important For UGC NET Paper 1

Averages | Mathematical Reasoning For UGC NET Paper 1 Averages :- The average is the mean value, which is the ratio of the sum of the values in a given set to all the values in the set. Average = Total Sum of observations / Total Number of observations 1 In the first 10 overs … Read more

Interest And Discount | Mathematical Reasoning Paper 1

Interest And Discount use for UGC NET Mathematical Reasoning Paper -1 Interest And Discount :- Recurring payments made at a particular growing are made while using borrowed money or to pay back payment back debts. Types of interest :- there are two types of interest  1. simple interest, 2. compound interest 1. Simple interest :- … Read more

UGC NET | Paper-1 | Important | Fraction | Time & Distance

UGC NET Mathematical Aptitude Paper-1 | Fraction | Time & Distance Mathematical aptitude:-   Testing your ability to use numbers and calculations to answer mathematical issues is known as mathematical aptitude. Fraction :- A fraction represents a part of a total. The Latin word “fractio” which meaning “to break” is the source of the English term … Read more