Fraction Mathematical Aptitude Notes For UGCNET 2024

Mathematical Aptitude Notes For UGC NET 2024 | Fraction


Mathematical aptitude:- Testing your ability to use numbers and calculations to answer mathematical issues is known as mathematical aptitude.

Fraction :- A fraction represents a part of a total. The Latin word “fractio” which meaning “to break” is the source of the English term “fraction.” A fraction is a component or section taken from a whole, which can be any number, a certain amount, or an object.

For example, 5/7, 9/8, 2/5, 3/2.

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Mathematical Reasoning Notes For UGC NET 2024

Mathematical-Reasoning Notes For UGC NET 2024Mathematical Reasoning Notes for UGC NET 2024

Mathematical reasoning :- Mathematical reasoning is a branch of the Math’s where we can evaluate the reliability of the assertions which are delivered. Our daily lives are highly depend on Mathematical Reasoning and Aptitude .

Assume a class contains student of the subject Math, English and Management. And now it is said that, all the management subject student are being removed from the class, it follows logically that the only left in the class are Math and English student.

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