Kati Bihu 2023 Hope Background and Importance

Kati Bihu 2023 Hope Background and Importance

The celebration of Kati Bihu 2023 On October 18, For the start of the new harvest season and the increase of the rice crop.

Kati Bihu 2023

Kati Bihu is a prominent event celebrated by the Assamese people in the north east of India. Kati Bihu celebration on the first day of the “Kati” month, which begins in the middle of October and this year is  On October 18, 2023. In this article we will see The Background, and Importance of Kati Bihu.

Background of Kati Bihu

Kati Bihu It marks the beginning of Assam’s planting season.

Importance of Kati Bihu 2023

It celebrates the value of the crop and brings people with their agricultural heritage. It is symbolic of historical practices in which lighting traditional lamps and decorating the Tulsi plant with lights and ribbons and performed as organic pesticides for the fields.

Kati Bihu festivities in 2023

  1. Light a Lamp:- In the honor of the goddess Tulsi, traditional pottery lamps glow as a sign of optimism, enticement, and unity among families.
  2. Bihu Dance:- Learn the Assamese traditional dance, which is not only culturally enlightening but also fantastic well-being
  3. Make a prayer:- Appreciate the farmers who produce the food on your plate and the food itself. The main focus of Kati Bihu is rice harvesting, and prayers are said to bless the soil and wish for a successful harvest.

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