Interest And Discount | Mathematical Reasoning Paper 1

Interest And Discount use for UGC NET Mathematical Reasoning Paper -1 Interest And Discount :- Recurring payments made at a particular growing are made while using borrowed money or to pay back payment back debts. Types of interest :- there are two types of interest  1. simple interest, 2. compound interest 1. Simple interest :- … Read more

Profit and Loss | Important for UGC NET Paper -1

Profit and Loss | UGC NET Mathematical Reasoning Paper -1 Profit and Loss :-  The terms profit and loss are used to determine whether a firm is profitable or not, In cases where the selling price exceeds the cost price, the difference between the two is referred to as profit. When the selling price is … Read more

Percentage | Important Question for UGC NET Paper -1

Percentage | UGC NET Mathematical Reasoning Paper -1 Percentage :- The Latin word “per centum,” which meaning “by the hundred,” was the source of the word “percentage.” In another term Fractions with a denominator of 100 are called percentages. For example, if Sam scored 30% marks in his math test, it means that he scored … Read more

Ratio and Proportion | Mathematical Reasoning Paper 1

Ratio and Proportion | UGC NET Mathematical Reasoning Paper -1 Ratio and Proportion :- Definition and Examples Ratio and Proportion :- Ratio is used, when we comparing two quantities of the same type, and A proportion is the equality of two ratios. Ratio and Proportion also will help to manage business, and daily life activity. … Read more

UGC NET 14 FAQ Important For Student

UGC NET Student Asked Important 14 FAQ 1. Who is eligible for UGC NET Exam Or Which degree is required for net exam Ans :-  A Master’s degree in the relevant subject is the minimum requirement for applicants. The applicant’s master’s degree requires at least a 55% . However, according to UGC NET Eligibility, the minimal … Read more

How to Clear UGC NET Exam In 2 Months

How to Clear UGC NET Exam In 2 Months The UGC NET Exam mainly consists of two papers: Paper 1, which is more general in nature and is meant to assess the candidate’s potential for teaching and research, and Paper 2, which is more specific and focuses on the topic the candidate has chosen. Understanding UGC NET Exam Structure:- UGC NET Exam comprises two separate papers, namely Paper 1 and Paper 2. Paper 1 is of a general nature, designed to evaluate a candidate’s aptitude for teaching and research. In contrast, Paper 2 is directly related … Read more

UGC NET | Paper-1 | Important | Fraction | Time & Distance

UGC NET Mathematical Aptitude Paper-1 | Fraction | Time & Distance Mathematical aptitude:-   Testing your ability to use numbers and calculations to answer mathematical issues is known as mathematical aptitude. Fraction :- A fraction represents a part of a total. The Latin word “fractio” which meaning “to break” is the source of the English term … Read more

UGC NET Syllabus for Paper-1 | Important for NET Exam

UGC NET Syllabus for Paper-1 | Important for Exam UGC NET Syllabus for Paper-1 Below are UGC NET Syllabus from where UGC NET asked question for Qualifying NET Exam for JRF and Higher Education. Unit-I Teaching Aptitude:- 1. Teaching Concept, Objectives, Levels of teaching (Memory, Understanding and Reflective), Characteristics and basic requirements. 2. Learner’s characteristics: … Read more